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Additional Services

There is a great deal of influencing factors when it comes to your child’s growth in speech therapy. With our staff’s expansive skill level and experience with a variety of special needs, we are offering additional services. These services can be used in conjunction with or in lieu of regular speech therapy.

Learning Delays Support

Children with learning or developmental delays simply are not achieving the milestones that fit within the “normal” range for their age group. With a little bit of extra help from experienced speech therapists and SLP-Assistants, we can help most children with learning delays improve their abilities.

Dyslexia Support

One of the most commonly known learning disabilities, dyslexia refers to a group of disorders that can cause a delay in learning to read which can affect writing and comprehension skills.  With a specific educational plan and one-on-one tutoring, most children can learn how to read, comprehend, and write quite well to succeed in school. Our team of experts has a long history in helping children with all types of learning disabilities and will be pleased to help you and your child through this challenge.

Central Auditory Processing Disorders

Central auditory processing disorders refer to those who have trouble processing information taken in by listening. There are three main ways to support children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD): changing the learning environment, compensation strategies to strengthen other resources to overcome the disorder, and direct treatment to remediate the disorder.  With our skilled staff of speech therapists and tutors on hand, we can assist your child in overcoming this challenge for improved academic and life success. We’ll not only help them with challenging school work, but also teach them ways to learn around their auditory processing challenge.

Visual Processing Disorders

Children with a visual processing disorder sometimes called a perceptual disorder can be challenged when it comes to making sense of information that is taken in visually. This can have some challenging implications in school, especially in math and reading. Our team of therapists and tutors can help your child learn in the exact style that best meets their abilities and teach them methods for learning around their visual processing challenge.

Executive Function

Children not only learn academic lessons through their school career, they also learn important executive functions such as mental flexibility, self-control, time-management, working memory skills, self-regulation and more. These skills will help your child succeed in educational pursuits and adult-life. If your child struggles with these skills, we can help!

Psychoeducational Testing

Are you not sure if your child struggles with one of the challenges above? We are excited to now be offering psychological educational testing. Our staff psychologist will analyze the mental processes underlying your students’ educational performance. These assessments can be used to identify any potential learning disabilities or alternative ways of processing information so that an appropriate IEP can be created for an improved educational experience.

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