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Huntersville Speech Therapy

Huntersville Speech Therapy

Nestled between Charlotte and Lake Norman is the lovely town of Huntersville. Whether you’re on Lake Norman or closer to North Charlotte, you enjoy great schools, fantastic proximity to all that Uptown has to offer, and a wonderful community of amazing people.

We are pleased to provide local speech therapy services for Huntersville children with speech, communication, and language delays or disorders. If you’re not sure if your child falls into one of the categories requiring a speech-language pathologist, call us for a free screening so we can help determine your child’s needs. Not only do we offer individual speech therapy, we also provide a variety of speech-language services to Huntersville schools and families:

Huntersville Speech Therapy Services

Our speech therapy program starts with a speech, language, and hearing evaluation to determine your child’s unique needs. We’ll then create a specialized speech therapy plan. We often provide therapy in a setting the child is familiar with such as their school or home, using events and interests that are comfortable and familiar. For more details about how we conduct our speech therapy programs, please read our For Parents page.

Huntersville Speech-Language & Hearing Screenings

We are pleased to offer speech-language and hearing screenings for schools, preschools, and daycares in Huntersville. Our licensed speech-language pathologists will come to you on a day you choose to provide early screenings for your students. Parents will receive results shortly after so if any interventions that are needed can begin as soon as possible. Read about or sign up for in-school speech-language and hearing screenings here.

Huntersville School SLP Staffing

Did you know we can provide speech-language pathologist and SLP-Assistant staff for your Huntersville school? Our fully-equipped therapists will integrate with your school seamlessly to meet your IEP compliance needs with exceptional service and skills. Learn more about SLP staffing here.

Huntersville Speech In-Services & Workshops

Providing opportunities for professional development and community education is an ongoing effort for most Huntersville schools. We offer customized in-school speech therapy workshops, in-services, and lunch n’ learns to help your staff and parents learn essential information about the developmental milestones of the children. For ideas and scheduling, check out our speech therapy workshops page.

If you have questions about any of our Huntersville speech therapy services or are interested in one of the above, please give us a call at your pleasure 704-845-0561. We look forward to hearing from you.