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School Staffing

SLP Staffing for Your School

Is your school in need of a speech language pathologist? Whether you are preparing ahead, or you are already into the new school year with an immediate need to be IEP compliant, Child Language and Developmental Speech can assist you with your Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or SLP-Assistant staffing needs.

The Benefits of Contracting your SLP

In today’s educational market, your year-to-year needs for EC change rapidly. Staff changes could leave you in need of a new SLP, sometimes without much notice. With our highly trained and experienced staff, we can fill your open position with experienced, fully equipped therapists who will integrate into your school quickly and seamlessly. Our therapists deliver exceptional service, maintain compliance, and come fully prepared with the requisite materials.

We make IEP compliance simple on your budget. We offer unique pricing solutions that allow you to know exactly how much our services will cost, in advance, with no hidden or additional fees.

Secure Your Staff Now

While we are happy to provide immediate staffing when compliance is in question, we prefer to help you get ahead of the game by building your team for next year, now! Secure your SLP before summer break. When fall arrives and the school year is set to begin, one less thing on your plate will provide you much needed time to address other new school year needs.

Psychoeducational Testing

We are excited to now be offering psychological educational testing. Our staff psychologist will analyze the mental processes underlying your students’ educational performance. These assessments can be used to identify any potential learning disabilities or alternative ways of processing information so that an appropriate IEP can be created for an improved educational experience.

We are happy to provide SLP staffing for any school in North Carolina, South Carolina or the surrounding states. In today’s world, location is no longer an issue; we have qualified expert staff all around the country ready and eager to serve your school. Call Now at 704-845-0561 or fill out this form to get started.

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