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What Are My Next Steps When I am Told My Child Needs Speech Therapy in Charlotte?

After learning your child needs a speech therapist your first step is to decide who your speech therapy provider will be. This is an important decision to make and should not be taken lightly. Referrals are one of the best methods of finding a great speech therapy provider, either from your doctor, teacher, or a trusted friend or family member. Check and make sure the provider you select is licensed in your state and nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Look online for reviews to get a sense of what it is like to work with your chosen speech therapist. Lastly, you can call the office and ask for a direct referral so you can hear from a previous client who will answer your specific questions.

The next step is to schedule a consultation with the speech language pathologist at your earliest convenience. At Child Language and Speech Development, we perform a custom speech and hearing evaluation to learn the unique needs of your child. This allows us to create a program that is customized to meet goals for your child’s speech and language improvement. Speech and language delays and disorders can cover the spectrum in severity and causes, this evaluation allows us to pinpoint the best way to help your child.

After the evaluation, we will recommend a course of speech therapy, frequency and estimated time.

Next, you can decide whether to have your sessions in our office or at your child’s school or your home. We have a great environment in our office without distraction and hope you can come to us.

Lastly, most parents want to know about billing. While we do not accept health insurance as payment, we will provide you with the documentation you will need to file a claim with your insurance for reimbursement (depending on your coverage.) We do advise that you speak with a representative at your health insurance company before working with us so you will know precisely what you can expect for coverage of speech therapy services.

If you have any further questions or are ready to get started, call 704-845-0561 or contact us at your earliest convenience.