The Benefits of Speech Therapy for Autism

Children with autism can find language, communication, and social interactions to be a challenge. Whether mild, severe or somewhere in between, children on the autism spectrum each have their own unique set of challenges within each of the closely related categories. While there is no cure for autism, intervention can make a world of difference for your child. Working with a speech therapist to assist your child with language and communication skills gives your child a foundation for easier social interactions and even improved behavior as they begin to be able to better communicate their needs.

Speech Therapy for Autism

Charlotte speech therapy not only addresses the mechanics of speech but also with the meaning and social use of language. These skills help children express their needs and wants, interact with and understand others better. Speech therapy for autism can help your child:

  • Increase spontaneous communication without prompting.
  • Increase peer interactions.
  • Improve social skills that may allow them to play and get along with others and follow directions.
  • Increase understanding of words which will allow them to ask for help, ask and answer questions, take turns in conversation (understanding the social norms of communication), and start or stop a conversation.
  • Speech therapy for autism can help your child look at books and respond to stories.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Communication is all about speech and language. In speech therapy for autism, a speech therapist may also use AAC with your child, which you should continue at home. AAC may include sign language, gestures, pictures, photos, objects, videos, written words, or electronic devices. AAC can benefit many children on the autism spectrum and can sometimes lead to them learning to talk. 

Family Support

Speech therapists can guide the adults in the child’s life for constant and consistent practice outside of speech therapy sessions. With help from adults in the child’s life, the practice can be applied in everyday settings to increase growth. 

At Child Language and Developmental Speech, we love working closely with all of our children and their caregivers. If you think your child can benefit from speech therapy, please call 704-845-0561 or contact us to schedule an evaluation so we can work with you to determine how to best serve your child.