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School Screenings

Speech-Language & Hearing Screenings

Child Language & Developmental Speech is pleased to offer school screenings for speech-language & hearing for children ages 3 and older. We perform the screenings at pre-schools, private schools, public schools, or in our clinic by licensed speech-language pathologists.

Our screenings are specially designed to discover speech or hearing problems to allow for the earliest possible intervention before the problem compounds into something more complicated and difficult to remediate. Parents will receive results shortly after screening. We’ll recommend more thorough evaluations for any child that might be a candidate for a speech therapy program.

Psychoeducational Testing

We are excited to now be offering psychological educational testing. Our staff psychologist will analyze the mental processes underlying your students’ educational performance. These assessments can be used to identify any potential learning disabilities or alternative ways of processing information so that an appropriate IEP can be created for an improved educational experience.

We are pleased to offer screenings in the Greater Charlotte area, Ballantyne, Concord, Kannapolis, Lake Norman, Cornelius, and Mooresville. If your school is interested in conducting an in-school screening for your students, complete the request form here and we’ll be in touch to schedule your screening day. If you have any questions, please call us at 704-845-0561.