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Speech Therapy

At Child Language and Developmental Speech, (CLADS)  our dedicated family of therapists have an abundance of combined experience as well as being state licensed and nationally certified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association(ASHA). This ensures that your child will receive the highest quality of service in the unique and specialized needs of children. Our Speech Language Pathologists are committed to giving your child what they need in the wide realm of speech and language to help them reach their full potential. We are here to help you.

We offer speech, language and hearing screenings to help determine if your child has a language, speech or communication delay or disorder. Because all children are unique, we customize evaluations according to your child’s individual needs. Also, because some child speech delays or disorders may be symptoms of other health concerns, we may refer you to other specialists, including ear, nose and throat specialists, or other professionals who specialize in working with children.

Speech Evaluation

After the evaluation, our Speech Language Pathologist(SLP)  will then work with you to develop a speech therapy plan that can be conveniently carried out at home, school or daycare  (a setting your child is already familiar with).  Studies show that children who receive therapy services in their natural environments such as home or school, tend to show more positive benefits from their therapy. And our therapists love being able to work with your child in the school and daycare setting where the children can really focus.

The focus of our Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s)  is to foster a nurturing relationship with your child as this helps to facilitate the speech and language therapy process that will enable your child to reach their full potential. One of the ways they do this is by using events happening your child’s home or school as the foundation for therapy sessions.  In short, we attempt to integrate therapy into the child’s everyday life to make the experience more “real.”  By having your child quickly make connections between what is learned during therapy and what is happening in the immediate environment, our goal is to make your child’s new communication skills a permanent part of his or her daily life.

In addition to providing therapy sessions, we constantly offer support and guidance to parents, the child’s teacher and classroom curriculum (if desired) and any of the child’s caregivers to ensure the child’s therapy goals are being incorporated on a daily basis. This concept of “whole child” development, thoroughly involving key people in the child’s life, is part and parcel of our service model.  Lastly, to further reinforce all of the skills your child acquires during therapy sessions, the SLP will give your child “fun work”, which is brief yet comprehensive fun work to complete along with you. Our goal is to help children communicate better and to involve parents in the process.

Follow-Up Evaluation

After 3-6 months of therapy sessions (depending on your child’s age and needs), we provide a follow-up evaluation to measure the child’s progress. As with the initial evaluation, our  SLP informs parents of the results and recommends the next course of action, which may include decreasing the frequency or duration of therapy sessions, ending the therapy sessions, or increasing therapy sessions. Again, because every child is unique, each reevaluation factors in the child’s age, needs, abilities and parental concerns.

“Thank you so much for working with  B.J.  It truly has made a tremendous difference in his speech.  I am so grateful.” – Mom

** We are now offering tutoring services for School Students!

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