6 Ways to Connect With Your Older Children

We all know how difficult it can be to connect with your older children. They think they have all the answers and believe everything you say is wrong. This is not unusual since our children’s brains are not fully developed, and ours are. They cannot think the way we do, making it very easy to clash with them. Follow these tips to connect better with your child.

Be Available When They Want to Talk

Make sure you are there when they need you. If they want to talk, give them your undivided attention. This will show them how important they are to you. The more you show them how much they mean to you, and the more you listen to the things they need to talk about, the better chance they will come to you in a time of need.

Show Interest In What They Have to Say

When you are listening to your child speak, be sure to engage with them. Ask questions, and show interest. Doing so will help you understand their opinions, feelings, and expectations, along with showing them that you are there and care about what they have to say.

 Schedule Activities to Do Together

Start by planning some 30-minute activities to do together. Once you have followed through and kept those plans, you can work up to longer activities. You can do many activities together, such as watching a movie, going out to eat, or taking a road trip. The possibilities are endless, just use your imagination and be creative. Try to include activities that include common interests of your child.

Let Your Child Choose the Activity and Follow Their Lead

Letting your child choose the activity will help ensure that they enjoy themselves. Keeping your child enjoying the activities will keep them interested in spending that quality time with you. Let them teach you how to do an activity they know how to do, which you have never done. This will help your child build some extra self-confidence.

Be Spontaneous

Who doesn’t enjoy the opportunity to do something fun and unexpected? Finding spontaneous ways to do things together will help your child adjust to plan changes. Let your child show you something new by following their lead. Randomly throw out some ideas of something fun to do, and see if they have any rebuttal ideas that fit the expectations you have set for the plan.

Be Patient and Accepting

Many times as a parent, we want to correct our children when we feel we know a better way to do something. Try to avoid making corrections or telling them how to do something unless they ask questions you can answer directly. This is a time for fun and bonding, not specifically a learning experience, and we all know how our older kids love it when we tell them how to do something.

Enjoy Every Opportunity to Bond With Your Child

Being a parent to older children can definitely raise some challenges. Following the tips listed above can help prevent some issues from arising. Your child may learn to talk to you about anything and everything if they have been given the opportunity to feel comfortable no matter what. Spending time with your child can strengthen your relationship, giving them every reason to feel comfortable and happy. Please enjoy every opportunity to spend quality time with your child.