Back To School Routines

We all know how challenging it can be to get our kids back into the routine of going to school. Getting them out of the summer vacation mindset is crucial to preparing them to get back to school. Follow these tips to help your child get back into the swing of school.

Talk to Your Child

Talking to your child about returning to school prepares them and helps set expectations. This is an excellent opportunity to learn if your child has any fears or anxieties about returning to school. Be open and clear in your discussion, and let them know you are here to help them prepare.

Keep Your Child Informed

Explaining to your child what to expect when they return to school can reduce any anxiety they might be having about the changes that are happening. Let them know how they will get to and from school, if they have any after-school activities and what to expect when they get home, such as chores, homework, or playtime. This will prepare them to follow the routine and not add extra stress to them with things they don’t expect.

Create a Regular Routine

Who follows a strict routine during the summer? Most likely, your summer routine has been all over the place with vacations and fun summer events. It is important to practice getting back into the early bedtimes and morning routines at least a week before school resumes. This is beneficial to both parents and children.

Show Excitement and Positivity Regarding School

Staying positive about returning to school can also get your child excited about it. Reminding them of all the best parts of going back to school can really get them pumped up about it. They get to see their friends and make new friends, along with any new activities they may be doing this school year. They might have a favorite subject they are excited to get back to, so they can learn it all. After all, they aren’t thinking about any of those things until you remind them. All they can think is, “aw, man, summer is already over, and I have to go back to school already?” Now, they are thinking positively about it since you just reminded them how fun and exciting it will be.

Creating That Back to School Routine will Reduce the Challenge

Following the above tips will make your life so much easier. Ensuring that your child is prepared and knows what to expect when they return to school will reduce any worry or anxiety they might have. Preparing their bedtime and morning routines ahead of time will give them that much longer to get used to it, so the first day of school isn’t a nightmare for either of you.