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Now Hiring! Child Language & Developmental Speech Needs You!

Our clients include schools who have been increasingly requesting we provide them with flexible options for school counselors, social workers, school pyschologists, and additional speech therapists. Which means WE ARE HIRING!

We have immediate openings for the positions listed below. Job descriptions to follow shortly. In the meantime, please email your resume to today!

School Counselors

    • Job Purpose:To design and deliver school counseling programs that improve student outcomes. Working collaboratively with school personnel (in addition to ancillary team members), students and families, the school counselor provides support, makes recommendations, and implements services to ensure equitable access to resources for all students.
    • Key Responsibilities & Accountability:
      • Develop and implement school counseling programs that are accessible to all students. These programs may include activities, services, and resources that address academic goals, the development of age-appropriate social skills, and developing general life skills.
      • Monitor short-term as well as long-term gains for students.
      • Offer one-on-one and group services sessions to address presenting needs.
      • Collaborate with other school staff members to deliver schoolwide programs.
      • Work with community organizations and government agencies to get students the resources they need.
      • Provide assessments/inventories as needed.
      • Provide parent educational content.
      • Coordinate and oversee social groups.
    • Reporting
      • Provide reports requested by schools.
      • Maintain record of tasks completed each day.
    • Supervisory responsibilities:  None
    • Minimum requirements:
      • Strong computer skills
      • A degree from an accredited institution
      • Minimum GPA requirements
      • Practicum and internship experience
      • Pass a background check
      • Exceptional verbal and written skills

Social Workers

    • Counseling students with personal and psychological issues that affect their performance, behavior, and socialization in school.
    • Providing counseling sessions, treatment plans, or workshops as necessary and establishing prevention programs and intervention plans.
    • Communicating with students to determine the areas in which they may need assistance or counseling.
    • Assisting teachers and administrators with behavioral and attitude issues by communicating with students to find the causes of their distress.
    • Providing information, when appropriate, to outside support services to help students with economic, emotional, or physical issues.
    • Assisting at-risk students or students with disabilities.
    • Communicating with parents, teachers, and administrators to understand students’ challenges.
    • Maintaining case files and reports to track students’ progress and problems.
    • Helping students and families suffering from abuse, violence, hunger, or homelessness to access resources like shelters, food banks, and medical care.

School Psychologists

Contract position for a psychologist to work in a school setting. Flexible work schedule. This position requires solid knowledge of state and federal rules and regulations regarding the identification and placement of students in special education.


    • Select tests and administer comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations.
    • Create comprehensive reports with specific recommendations.
    • Interpret test results and prepare psychological reports for teachers, administrators, and parents.
    • Utilize test results, along with information obtained from teachers and parents, to identify specific strengths and weaknesses
    • Help determine eligibility for special education services.
    • Provide consultation to parents, teachers, administrators, and others on topics such as learning styles and ways to remediate and accommodate disabilities.
    • Develop and evaluate the progress of individualized educational plans in collaboration with teachers and other staff members.

Speech-Language Pathologists and SLP-Assistants in Charlotte

We have immediate needs for SLPs and SLP-Assistants to serve schools in the Greater Charlotte, NC area. We need independent, responsible, and reliable people for school-based service needs. Please email your resume to today!

Are you looking for an exciting therapy career in a collaborative environment, with great benefits? Join our team!

Whether you’re a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, returning to the workforce, or looking for a new opportunity, if you are a licensed therapist and passionate about helping people reach their potential, we want to talk to you.

We are a privately held company founded by a SLP, so we understand the unique challenges, desires, DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE and needs of professional therapists. We treat our therapists as partners. As professionals with the power to have a profound impact on the lives of patients and children, we truly value the services they provide.

Our clinicians enjoy the benefits of an administrative support staff to assist with paperwork, and reduced caseloads thanks to our unique system of delivery. We attract and retain the best therapists. As one of our therapists, you will join a company that truly cares as much about their team as we do our clients.

Some of the other benefits our full-time employees enjoy include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Sign-on bonuses
  • Medical insurance contribution
  • Health, dental, and life insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Yearly continuing education allowances
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Manageable caseloads

We believe the happier our therapists, the better the job they’ll do. We’re proud that we’ve earned the long-term loyalty of our staff, and strive to always provide the best career opportunities possible.  To inquire about job opportunities, call 704-845-6134 and email your resume separately to