Mandy Coggins Summer Camp Testimonial

My son is 5 years old and has Fragile X, which is a learning disorder that causes learning and global delays. He has had the opportunity to attend Summer Speech Camp through Child Language and Developmental Speech during the past 2 summers and has loved it. During the camp he had so much improvement in both expressive and receptive speech. Two months later he still talks about his “camp friends” by name, which has been a huge step. He enjoyed the arts and crafts and the themes were very “fun” for the kids. As a parent, my favorite part of the camp was that the teachers requested his IEP goals and worked with the goals both individually and as a group every day. The classes were limited to 5 children per class so this could be done successfully. We also noticed that he improved cognitively by being able to answer “who, what, where and how” questions when we read books now. We feel that the Summer Speech camp helped him profoundly as we saw huge steps in his global development. We would definitely recommend this Speech Camp and look forward to attending next summer! – Mandy Coggins (Mom of, 5 year old, Caleb)