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Customized At-Home Speech Program for Parents

At-Home Speech Program for Parents, Guided By a Speech-Language Pathologist

Early intervention is the best way to avoid long-term challenges for children experiencing speech and language challenges or delays. Not every family has accessible and affordable traditional speech therapy. Our team wants to make speech accessible for everyone. Our new speech service provides a customized at-home speech program for parents to implement with their children. 

Created and overseen by a licensed Speech-Language pathologist, you will get clear direction and regular follow-ups. Here is how it works:

Customized Speech Program for Parents

Step One: Request a consultation with our team by filling out the request form or calling our office.

Step Two: Send our team a video of your child interacting naturally with family and friends. Our team will provide instructions on how to do this and what to capture.

Child playing at home with adult

Step Three: Our Speech-Language pathologists will review the video and provide feedback and suggestions. You’ll receive at-home activities for special practice and for integrating into everyday life. The activities will be customized specifically for your child, designed to help them grow and improve.

Step Four and Beyond: With monthly check-ins, our team will review the progress your child is making. We provide feedback, including new tips, tricks, and activities to further expand your child’s speech and language skills.

Customized Consultative Speech Therapy

Our consultative speech program is not only for those who do not have access to traditional forms of speech therapy. It might be the right fit for your family, depending on where you live and your current work, school, and extracurricular schedules. Some of the benefits of choosing our new customized at-home program for parents are:

  • No commitment
  • No driving to regular appointments
  • No relying on strong internet signals for Zoom sessions
  • No ongoing costs
  • Regular check-ins that meet your needs
  • Easy at-home speech therapy activities provided for your child’s precise needs
  • Complete guidance from a Certified SLP
  • Speech therapy on YOUR schedule
  • Speech therapy in the comfort of familiar surroundings at home
  • Speech therapy built into everyday activities

If your child is showing signs of a speech or communication delay or disorder, contact our team today to schedule your consultation to get started. 704-845-0561 or complete the intake form.