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Speech-Language Summer Camp at CLADS is Fun AND Speech & Language Skills are Always Built In

At Child Language and Developmental Speech, we are extremely proud of our speech-language Charlotte summer camp. Our camps fill up each year, and we have such a fun time with the children!

While we work to make summer camp engaging, fun, and exciting, we are always working on speech-language skills. There are so many ways to work practice into everyday activities, and we take advantage of every opportunity.

Our buddy Alex is enjoying his second summer at speech camp. Alex is continually becoming more verbal and attempting more words each week. In the series of images below, you will see that it is hand-washing time. Seeing the mirror, and seizing an opportunity for practice, our therapist asked Alex to imitate the movements she is making with her mouth while he washes. This activity practices essential motor movements of the mouth and is an activity we would do in a speech therapy session.

Alex is certainly enjoying himself.

 You can fit speech-therapy practice into your everyday routine at home for extra reinforcement. Imitation games are always fun for toddlers, giving them a chance to act silly. Read our summer practice for speech story for more ideas of what you can do at home with your child.

For speech therapy services in the Charlotte area, call or contact us today 704-845-0561. Missed out on camp this year? Sign up now to be notified first of next year’s summer camp offerings.