Toys That Can Enhance Your Child’s Language Development

Language development is constant and ongoing. You don’t have to wait until your child is with your speech therapist to assist in their language development. Check out this list of toys that can enhance your child’s language development at playtime. 

1. Traditional Toys!

Traditional toys are simple and basic. They are also open-ended which allows your child to use the toys in a variety of ways. Your child can get creative and use their imagination on how to play with them. Examples of traditional toys include: blocks, cars, play-dough, legos, dress-up sets, tool kits, pretend play food, farm set, baby doll, and Mr. Potato head.  

2. Movement Toys!

Consider toys that get your child moving or playing outside. Movement toys are energy-burning, promote balance and coordination and keep children engaged. Examples of movement toys include: ride-on toys, swings, water play, mini trampoline, hopper ball, ball pit, tunnel, and foam blocks. Building a fort together is also a great movement activity that promotes imagination!

3. Role-Play Toys!

Role-play toys encourage pretend play and support social development. Children learn by watching adults and their behaviors. Role-playing can teach children empathy and the understanding of different perspectives. This activity also encourages creativity and imagination since children are taking on the role of a new character. They also learn to problem solve in different situations. Examples of role-play toys include: medical kits, play kitchens, tea party sets, cash registers with pretend money, and toy gardening kits. 

 4. Cause/Effect Toys!

Cause and effect toys are super motivating because your child learns that if they do a certain action, there will be an effect. They help your child discover that behavior and action result in a response. Cause and effect toys promote cognitive skills and problem-solving skills. Examples of cause and effect toys include: ball poppers, race car ramps, sound puzzles, wind-up toys, ball drop toys, and surprise gumball machines.  

5. Household Item “Toys”!

Sometimes your child finds just as much joy in playing with pots and pans as they do with cars…and that’s OK! Cardboard boxes, pans, wooden spoons, homemade forts, water bottles filled with beans, and juggling oranges are great “toys” for your child to play with! They promote all of the same development skills that store-bought toys do and are a lot cheaper. Spending time with your child and being silly with them can also be just as fun to them as toys. They love to play hide and seek with you, sing songs with you and play lap games!