Why Isn’t My Toddler Talking?

There are several possible reasons your toddler is not talking. We would never presume to know why your toddler is not talking based on anything less than a speech, language and hearing evaluation with your child. But there are some common reasons a toddler might not be talking or not talking as much as they should, and we can certainly offer you tips on what you can do. 

First, let us say that all children develop skills at a different pace. The speech and language development milestones have a broad range, so there is no need to panic if your child is not where your older children were at that age, or where their peers are as it relates to speech and language.

The first step in discovering if your child has a speech or language disorder is by having him or her evaluated by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. This important first step can rule out underlying developmental issues. It can also discover things like hearing issues that might require medical intervention before working with a speech therapist. 

The most common culprits when a toddler is not yet speaking or not talking enough:

Speech delay is when a child has trouble expressing words clearly. It relates to how they formulate words. This can be addressed with the help of a speech therapist who will work with the child on the mechanics of moving their mouth to make the various sounds.

A language delay relates to when a child can say words clearly, but might not be able to put more than a couple of words together. Speech therapists will work with your child to develop and practice these skills. 

Sometimes when children struggle saying the words or putting the words together and are often asked to repeat themselves, they may begin to hold back on talking at all. This reluctance to speak can be alarming to a parent but does not mean there is something serious at play.

No matter the reason for your child’s lack of talking, our team will be able to advise you on the necessity of speech therapy or if your child is within the normal range of verbal communication for their age. With the help of early intervention for speech therapy, you may get them there that much sooner.

If your toddler is not taking or not talking as much as they should, call today to schedule your speech, language, and hearing evaluation.704-845-0561