Why Partner with a Private Practice to Fill School Services and EC Roles?

Many school directors, headmasters, principals, and EC directors face varying needs each school year when it comes to school services. Needs for Speech Therapists, SLP-Assistants, Occupational therapists, and Psychologists can change unexpectedly. While other schools are new, and trying to fill every position in the school with a very tight budget.

At Child Language and Developmental Speech(CLADS), we have been helping fill related services positions for years. The benefits of using our school staffing services are plentiful, and the staff we send to you are top quality, held to the highest standards. But don’t take our word for it!

Aristotle Preparatory Academy

Mrs. Charlie French is the school director at Aristotle Preparatory Academy(APA). When she came aboard at Aristotle, CLADS was already working with the school to fill their school’s related services needs. A full-time Speech-Language Pathologist was placed APA through CLADS to be onsite 5 days per week. She regularly collaborates with staff and parents to effectively provide quality services. CLADS has also been able to send service providers for Occupational Therapy and Psychological Services.

“CLADS has taken the pressure to find these professionals off of the school. Our school is small, so we cannot employ these people full time. Our EC department is also small, so having them on staff makes it much easier to get them in our school. Being a small school, we often struggle to fill these rolls because we cannot give the professionals a high enough volume of work. Without CLADS, we’d be stuck.”

Mrs. French reports that the staff provided by CLADS is “top-notch and professional” and in fact, CLADS “employs gems” who are respectful of the school, students, and employees. 

At CLADS we make an extra effort to get to know the children and their families so we can place the right professional with the right skills to fit those needs precisely. This effort doesn’t stop at the families, but also extends to the schools we serve. Mrs. French explains, “Even with their own growth, CLADS remains personally connected with each of their staff members and clients.”

“It is an honor to recommend Child Language and Developmental Speech.”

Unity Classical Charter School

Sheila A. Oseguera Goad, M. ED, Headmaster at Unity Charter School put it best when asked if she would recommend CLADS to other schools, “Yes, reluctantly because I want to keep them all to myself. They are a partner, they don’t take advantage that you need these services, and that I appreciate.”

Ms. Goad is starting the school year with no previous EC or school services staff as the school is brand new. She has been able to fill the two needed positions for her school which runs Kindergarten through 2nd grade with help from the CLADS team. 

CLADS made it smooth and easy for Ms. Goad. CLADS worked with the EC teachers and directly with the students’ and parents’ needs so Ms. Goad didn’t have to worry about a thing. “One less thing for me to worry about. Now I can sleep at night, knowing it was delegated and done at 100%.”

With just a few easy team meetings to discuss needs, fill them, and complete the paperwork, Unity Charter School has all of their EC needs covered for the entire school year.

“At the end of the day, CLADS tries to make it a win-win, anytime you have someone who does that, it is good!”

If you are struggling to meet the demands, big or small, of your EC staffing needs, consider CLADS your partner. We want every student to get what they need no matter what school they attend. We are passionate about using our knowledge of the world of speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other service providers to extend a helping hand to schools far and wide. Call now to get started! 704-845-0561